The Shuswap Has Heart – our way to give! 

For many of us the lake is life. The lake brings life. Our hearts beat for lake life. Lake life is the best life! As a design, this image speaks to many of us. Organic and simple but full of expression and meaning. For us, the foundation of our brand started at the lake – Shuswap Lake! We have lived here all our lives, we work here, raise our families here, play here, and just simply love it here.

The evolution of Lake & Life Apparel is close to our hearts in many ways. Our friendship of over 30 years, our passion for business, (we own and operate 3 in the Shuswap between our families!) our love for this incredible community and our bond over an experience bringing us close.

8 years ago, life as we knew it changed. Gears shifted in our family and friendship as the youngest little shu joined the crew with her own adventure ahead. Teri and her husband Colin’s daughter Britton was born with a complex coronary heart defect leading her to need a lifesaving heart transplant. Many challenges, surgeries, procedures and scares bridged their family to the gift of a lifetime, and at just 3 months old Britton received the perfect heart from a brave family who made an unimaginable decision of organ donation. We are grateful. Life with transplant is a journey and will forever be. It takes MANY teams of professionals and ongoing medical technology to support and guide families like ours. Charities, community and organizations across the country are and have been a critical support in this journey. Today we have the ultimate pleasure of resuming a relatively “normal” life back in the Shuswap. This experience has shaped us, changing our perspective and priorities and has created new passion.

Lake & Life Apparel is our fun and creative outlet in life! Not only a relatable lake and lifestyle brand for the whole family, but an entrepreneurial means of support to small businesses, makers, and designers alike. We also have an underlying passion to give as an expression of gratitude.

With your help, Lake & Life Apparel has raised over $19,000 to benefit charities
close to our hearts, since launching this initiative in the Fall of 2020.



Our charity designs will rotate through charities close to our hearts.

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