Have you heard about our sister brand Art of Movement?!

Last Spring, we took over the brand Art of Movement - Turkish Cotton Goods from the amazing Kate Watson! We've been slowly working at growing this brand, and because we absolutely ADORE the products, it's been so easy to fall in love with this business! Living in the Shuswap, we literally use these towels & blankets Every. Single. Day. 

Our Turkish towels are 100% Turkish cotton, and an AMAZING addition to everyone's household - they are great for the beach (quick dry, sand resistant, antibacterial!), the boat, camping, picnics, home décor, scarves, yoga, travel & SO much more! They last F O R E V E R so they are great for the environment, too!

Take a look at our other website and let us know what you think - we are pretty sure you'll fall in love with them too. There are SO many colours, patterns & textures to choose from, so we know the hardest part will be choosing one! 





Nikki & Teri 

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